1. To demonstrate that our ceramics are a distinguishing quality of our design.
2. To draw attention to contemporary role models in order to inspire new generations of ceramicists and designers.
3. To raise awareness and recognition of the work of great master craftsmen, as it is thanks to them that this knowledge, which is not recorded in books or schools, has been passed on.
4.To generate synergies with industry — collaborations that offer the industry new and innovative insights, and offer ceramicists new skills and for their work to become internationally recognised.
5. Professionalisation of the ceramics industry.
6. Creation of a strong ceramic identity.

We are the inheritors of our traditions, our roots.

We believe in the need to honour this origin in order to build the future.

We are a land of Mediterranean designers.

We design with our own style, marked by our history:
the history of the craft tradition. The ceramic tradition.

Our DNA is ceramic.

We want to go beyond recognition.
Adding value.
Placing professionals on a map.
To accompany them on all the paths that lead us to success.
To mark the path of the design-ceramics dyad.
To go even further without forgetting where we come from.