At Takashi Matsuo’s workshop

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Takashi was born in japan but he would never leave Valencia Shokunin is a Japanese word for which craftsman falls short but masteris too generous; in rural Japan, shokunin is a summer gatherer. Seen this way, Takashi has part of shakunin: he collects everything he sees on his walks through the Oceanogràfic so that he… Read more »

At Arturo Mora’s workshop

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Excellence is a universal language that Arturo Mora speaks with exquisite precision. Arturo Mora is one of the few potters in the world who knows and practices the metallic luster technique. During the visit we made to his workshop, we had the opportunity to learn about his history as a ceramist; When did you start… Read more »

At Amparo Camp’s Workshop

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How to reinvent a family tradition through a contemporary look? The metamorphosis of the family legacy The history of Amparo Camp is one of those stories that struks deep in the heart and stay inside. It is as if Antonio Vega’s song from ” El sitio de mi recreo ” sounds in a loop. A… Read more »

¿Cómo es el ceramista de la Comunitat Valenciana hoy?

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Sabemos que la cerámica es una de las formas de arte y artesanía más antiguas creadas por la humanidad pero ¿Cómo es el ceramista de hoy? El sector cerámico está cambiando y está más vivo que nunca. Se trata de una profesión con una proyección esperanzadora y con un alto nivel de innovación. ¿Sabías que… Read more »